How to make COCOA BEETLES from Coraline! Feast of Fiction S4 Ep25 | Feast of Fiction



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Learn how to make these delightfully creepy COCOA BEETLES from the movie Coraline!

1 pack (12 oz.) light cocoa candy melts
1 pack (12 oz.) dark cocoa candy melts
1/2 cup Cocoa krispies
Gold luster dust
Strawberry Pop rocks (optional)

Oval or egg shaped chocolate molds
Piping bag and tip
Wax/Parchment paper

Melt your light cocoa candy melts in your microwave or over a water bath. If melting in the microwave, heat in 15-20 second intervals and stir the chocolate in between to prevent burning. Once they’re melted, fill your candy egg molds halfway. Then add a layer of Cocoa Krispies followed by an optional layer of Strawberry Pop Rocks. If you’d rather have some other kind of flavor here, feel free to improvise and experiment! Just make sure whatever you put in isn’t too large or bulky so you can maintain the egg shape of the mold. Once you’ve placed your crunchy interior in the chocolate mold, cover it up with another layer of your melted chocolate. Even it out by tapping the mold on the table a few times, then throw it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes until it is frozen solid.

Once your chocolate eggs have hardened, pop them out of the mold and trim any excess chocolate from the edges. Use tin foil to act as a painter’s tape and cover the top of “head” of your egg shape. Melt your dark cocoa candy melts and use a paintbrush to add a new layer onto your cocoa beetles. This will create the ‘shell’ and ‘wings’ of the beetle. Once that layer has dried, take another paintbrush and dip it in Gold Luster Dust and carefully draw on the T shape that runs across and down the beetles back. Use a paintbrush dipped in water afterwards to clean up any messy lines.

The last part of these beetles are the legs and antennae. Put your melted dark cocoa candy melts into a piping bag and pipe out the legs and antennae on parchment paper. The antennae will look like comma shapes and the legs are straight lines. Let these dry and carefully remove them from the parchment paper.

To place the legs on the beetles, flip them upside down and add little dabs of melted chocolate from your piping bag to act as glue. Add two dabs to the top of the beetles head for the antennae, then three dabs on each side of the body for the legs. Once you’ve carefully placed them on, go over the limbs with another layer of chocolate from the piping bag to give it a little more sturdiness.

Let these dry and very carefully flip them right side up and make any final adjustments before presenting them! We used golden cupcake holders and a shoebox lined with golden paper. Voila! You’ve made some delicious and crunchy COCOA BEETLES from Coraline!

Produced by Abbe Drake
Costumes designed by Abbe Drake
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How to make COCOA BEETLES from Coraline! Feast of Fiction S4 Ep25 | Feast of Fiction

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